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If an apple,
why not a city?

Hi, I'm Lush.
she/her pronouns.
I love Bioshock more than most people love their own children.
Feel free to message me anytime about anything. I love making friends (๑>ᴗ<๑)

My husband is utterly fantastic, by the way. He's super-new to tumblr and doesn't really know what he's doing, so go give him love and follows >w<
And my moirail is pretty much completely avesome. Go follow her, too.
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okay. so.
ever since someone pointed this out to me, it&#8217;s kinda pissed me off.
jegus and gog are not troll things, they came from SBaHJ, i believe.
terezi picked up saying it from dave, and vriska picked it up from her. none of the other trolls say jegus, and several of the trolls actually say god, not gog.
so stop doing it when you roleplay, kthx.
i&#8217;m not trying to come off as bitchy here, it just bugs me.